Sunday, 17 August 2014


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Sunday, 15 June 2014

I'm looking for good mechanic for turbo exchange

I'm looking for good mechanic for turbo exchange in my car.
The problem is for me only one.

United Kingdom is full of Pakistanis garages and I can't trust for this people.
Pakistanis Muslim people always hate everybody who is white and is different religion.
Pakistan is no schools and education any more.
How Pakistanis mechanics will understand turbo exchange?
I think in Pakistan – no turbo cars only horses and pigs.
India is the same.
Why this people using turbans and hate non Hindu people?
How to get good processional skilled turbo mechanic?
In the UK is full of rubbish non speaking English mechanics.
English education level for mechanics is very low.
Pakistanis and Hindu people always will lie you about prices and they will don’t fix your turbocharger in right way.
Government has to stop coming people from rubbish Asian countries.
Polish and English turbo specialists only suitable for turbo exchange in your car.
How to find good turbo specialists for fix your turbo or just oil exchange?
Just for this we did created turbo forum:
Every mechanic has to be skilled and specialised in turbo exchange for example Audi or Volkswagen cars. Mechanic need to be clean and tidy and speak English language.
I know few good mechanics only and am really hard to get appointment Do you know good mechanic in your area? Call me if you know on turbo forum
Thank you!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Looking for turbocharger?

Looking for turbocharger?
Don't look for recon turbo on eBay becouise this is junk from China.
No good turbos on eBay any more. eBay is too expensive for sale recon turbos.
Find  professional turbo specialists and fix your turbocharger.
If you looking for professional turbo specialists in London, professional turbo specialists in Manchester or professional turbo specialists in Oxford you will get it now!
Prestige Turbos Limited is located not too far from your home.
United Kingdom is a little place and England is very small.
Drive down to Prestige Turbos and fix car right now!
Don't buy new turbo, the reconditioning turbo will  get the same effect.
Prestige Turbos Limited is located in West Brom in West Midlands:

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Turbo chargers reconditioned and fitting service in the United Kingdom

We do reconditioning:
Garrett, Holset, Schwitzer, KKK, Mitsubishi, IHI and BorgWarner turbos.
Save 50% with us on main dealer prices in the UK.
Get 24 month limited milage or 12 month unlimited milage warranty on all our reconditioned turbos

Independent turbos specialists will deliver your recon turbo for: birmingham, west brom, dover, oxford and london

Unit 4 Swan Lane Industrial Estate
B70 0NU West Bromwich
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Google map:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Turbo Forum

Looking for "turbo forum" in the UK?
Looking for more information about your turbo charger?
Your car have a black smoke?
Turbo is working not really fine?
Come to your "turbo forum":
Where to get help about turbos?
Birmingham turbo support
Professional advice turbo forum and support

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Facebook Page Prestige Turbos LTD

Welcome to new Facebook Page dedicated for "turbo problems":
Please press "like" button for me.
I been working for "turbo company" long time!
We do rebuild turbochargers for United Kingdom
Thank You

Friday, 4 April 2014

Turbo charger information pictures and links

All you have to know about - how to rebuild turbo for your car
All turbos are designed for "high cost maintenance". New car is full of problems with your turbocharger.
No poor quality of your Garrett turbo in your car, carbon, wrong diesel and wrong drive will damage your turbo!

Don't remap your car-turbo getting hot and will blow up your engine
New car is designed for big problems for your turbo!
Blog about turbochargers:
New turbo or reconditioned turbo?
I think the refurbishment turbo is a best way for avoid extra money.
DON'T fix your turbo in wrong place. Turbo specialists know better and have professional tools and knowledge. I think the 99% turbo specialists from Pakistan and India don't seen schools!
Is any school in Pakistan?
Is any new generations turbo cars in Pakistan?
Why Pakistan is so poor and backward country?
Why are muslim religion country's backward ?
Why is Pakistan so backward and India so modern?
Backward mechanic or turbo specialists can't fix your turbo!
Everything about turbos:
Turbo is part your engine. Faulty turbo will suck lots of oil and burn your engine sometime. Faulty turbo will loose your torque and speed. Emergency mode will slow your car for security reason. How to drive car without good turbo and with big smoke?
Blog about turbos:
Good mechanic will help fix and repair your turbo. Good car don't like after market turbo. Buy only quality turbo!
About turbos in the UK:
New cars, new problems with DPF system!

EGR and DPF will make problems for your turbo
Fom February 2014 DPF removal is illegal in the UK
Lots of people will still remove DPF? Remove DPF or clean DPF regular?
Everything about DPF is hire:
All info and pictures will help you understand your situation. Don't fix your car in non professional workstation. Mechanic need to speka english and must have diploma with NVQ3 or more!
No every mechanic is good. Lots of turbo specialists don't understund turbo problems.